Our feature book, “The Elusive Truth About Your Debt and Money”, deals with the history of money, the players, and events that changed the world sadly for the worst. It was difficult to exclude happenings of financial consequences outside America by the manipulation of the all domineering United States central bank, the Federal Reserve Bank.

To understand debt money you must fathom banking, politics and law. Therefore, we touch on foreign issues that are related, but stay with policies and events that center on The United States of America. Debt is the primary issue and how one can discharge, eliminate or reduce that burden being paramount for any reader. Debt comes in two forms; secured or unsecured. This book will open the door to a remedy that involves strange and fictional characters such as the “STRAWMAN” and what your BIRTH CERTIFICATE has to do with debt? The forgotten bankruptcies and depression in the United States in the 1930’s and why it had an integral part to play in WW 2 and our who done it thriller. We end our storyline with a chapter showcasing an opportunity for our e-book buyer to pursue legal knowledge that will allow you to match wits with any lawyer in court.

The Whistler will provide free of charge future Podcasts with a continuing saga of newly discovered past and current monetary events. These will awaken the senses for a better understanding on how this debt money system works in the shadows.

Those who purchase the book, which includes our three bonus booklets, are entitled to a free one time question sent to the Whistler by email. The free booklets are by name and are somewhat hard to locate, since some are now out of print. They disclose informative data by the Federal Reserve Bank, that once understood, will cause any reader to wonder why the U.S.Congress, in 1913, enacted The Federal Reserve Banking System. The Federal Reserve Act is perhaps one of the most influential laws concerning the U.S. financial system. You will be shocked to read about the many orchestrated MONEY PANICS by foreign and domestic elite bankers, that led to the formation of the Federal Reserve Act. Debt Discharge USA is the educational messenger. We would appreciate any comments after you absorb the content.

Finally we must mention the value we place on our literature. Everything we provide and do is in the hope that many will find inspiration to travel this debt road to a positive conclusion. You can’t continue to ignore the symptoms of the financial problems in America once you have discovered the who and why of the cause.

Thank you,
The Whistler

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